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toNOW: a space-time search engine.


Every moment is defined by a location in time and in space.


Search engines are designed around one starting point: the content, which leads the search.


What if the search is defined by time and space rather than content?


toNOW offers an innovative search to answer these critical questions: what’s happening here now? And what will happen in this specific area in the next hours?


toNOW collects public information made available on the web or by its own users to display on a map moments unfolding during a particular day.


toNOW is a product edited by 50i50.


50i50 is specialized in collecting, indexing and delivering time-space related data. 50i50 uses its experience to make the most of a geographical map combined with a timeline.


50i50 has developed its technology for two years with teams in France (Paris and Montpellier) and in the USA(Silicon Valley).


During the beta phase, toNOW is available in both of these countries.


50i50 is supported by a group of business angels and the Languedoc Roussillon region.


If you would like to know more about 50i50, please contact us at: contact@50i50.org

Search by Categories


toNOW geolocates you and displays the moments currently happening nearby.


Cultural events and social moments are grouped into categories for a quick filtering.


Easily move in Time and Space


The timeline above the map lets you move in time within two different scales : hour or day.


You can simultaneously move around the map and back and forth in time to view the moments happening at the right time, at the right place.

Inform with One Click


To inform of a moment, simply select a category. Optionally, you can add more information, such as a description or a picture.


By default, toNOW records the moment you create as "here and now".


Levels of Detail


Moments are represented as markers on the map. When different moments are related to the same time and location, they are grouped in clusters (with the number of occurrences displayed).


Click a marker on the map to view a quick description of the moment.


Then click the popup to access the detailed information window.


Become a Beta Tester

Sign up to become a beta tester and help us improve toNOW's user experience. Please, specify the area you live in to make toNOW available near you.

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